Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Reality Ministries Talent Show

Sloan and Noah did it again, third year in a row, wowing the crowd at the 2012 Reality Ministries Talent Show.  Technical difficulties aside, they were amazing.  Hallelujuh indeed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sloan and Six Ninjas Walk Into A Bar...

Okay, that's not exactly true. It wasn't a bar. Sloan and Six Ninjas walked into a Noodles and Co. for dinner after a very exciting day at Megan and Barton Cutter's DisABLED Protection Workshop at the Reality Center. Yes, NINJAS. Really!

Sloan and I were excited about the workshop, but not really sure what we were going to do or how we were going to do any of the drills. We have known for a long time that Barton and Megan met by studying Martial Arts, but we had never seen them in action before either. (Other than one night at a bar during a Chris Hendricks Band show.:-) But Martial Arts and a wheelchair???? How does that work?

Throughout all of the many adventures Sloan and I have undertaken over these many years, including late nights at bars and clubs listening to music, traveling to different cities, or sometimes just going around Durham, I think I still had a feeling that we may be a vulnerable target for nefarious folks out and about, or that if someone did approach us my first instinct would be to pull Sloan out of the way away from any danger. We learned today that it is absolutely not true. Sloan's wheelchair IS his tool, OUR tool, for protecting ourselves. And he is my protector in a situation where we may be attacked. One simple and effective move with Sloan's wheelchair, where we work together as a unit, used in many different attack scenarios successfully banged up the shins and took the knees out of several ninjas this afternoon! As a "bad guy" approaches, we tilt the chair back, twist and swipe the knees with Sloan's foot plates, then run for a safe place. We have the ultimate element of surprise!! Who knew!???! After today, we definitely do not feel vulnerable anymore. I feel safe and protected by Sloan, and he feels very powerful learning a new way to protect himself and me. Bring it on Bad Guys. We dare you!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Married!

On Saturday, March 19th 2011, Sloan got married!! To the City of Durham!! (Janie's okay with it.) It was a beautiful day, and a very fun event. Mom, and Jeannie rode with us, and we met other friends and neighbors there. There was a ceremony where we all vowed to love Durham, to support Durham and it's local businesses and artists, and to celebrate our diverse citizens. Frank Stasio from WUNC's show The State of Things was the Master of Ceremonies, and we had a chance to talk to him and get a picture. (see above) After the ceremony, receptions followed all along Rigsbee St. and we enjoyed good music and tasty snacks from some of the food trucks. I DO!!! More great pictures from the event in the album on the right.

Meek Noise

Sloan has officially started his own band!! MEEK NOISE!! The band includes Sloan on guitar and piano, and Noah on drums. With the guitar stand working well for Sloan, and with access to Noah's basement, they have regular band practices every Wednesday afternoon with the amps cranked up high. Check out this video for their debut performance at the 2011 Reality Ministries Talent Show!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sloan's 2011 Rock Star Party

Sloan had his 2nd Annual Rock Star party at the Reality Center on Saturday, January 22nd. What a night! The place was rockin' with Sloan and a massive gathering (70+) of many of his friends from all the different social groups he is involved in. While everyone was having a great time meeting, greeting and eating, Sloan kicked his party off right with a super loud and very cool guitar solo that definitely got everyone's attention! Noah finished the set off with the drums, and then the Chris Hendricks Band took the stage. Major highlights from the party that guests enjoyed while the music was going on included: the excellent and never-ending food table, the Ben and Jerry's ice cream stand, the Swag table with goodies and coupons for free Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a raffle box for a chance to win a CD or T-shirt from the band, and even a tattoo parlor!

Many, many thanks to everyone involved and to all the guests who attended the party. All of you are Rock Stars!
There are some very special thanks we need to mention though. A big thanks to Sloan's mom and dad for making most of the amazing food for the party! Sloan's dad made 52 pounds of Authentic Memphis Barbecue and Sloan's mom made 200 beautiful and tasty cake balls! YUM! All of it was a big hit and a huge success. Thanks Random, for being the "Runner" for the evening, and for recording the whole event for Sloan's listening pleasure. Thank you Sharon for being our tattoo artist! Jen, Sloan's own PA, thank you for making sure Sloan had a chance to eat, for the videos and photos, and for being a great friend to Sloan and his friends. Thank you Noah for the set-up help, for being the "Sound Guy", for the awesome drum solo, and for being the coolest Roadie ever! A very big thanks to Eric for bringing in plenty of Sloan's favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream for Sloan and his friends to share! And last, but certainly not least, Thank you Michael, Aaron and Chris from the Chris Hendricks Band for sharing your amazing music, for Sloan's special Happy Birthday song, for signing autopraphs for Sloan's friends, and for the incredible finale inviting Sloan to sing Noise with you! We appreciate and love all of you so much!

Of course, the evening would not have been possible at all if not for Sloan's friends at Reality Ministries. The first step in planning this major event was to contact them. We told them Sloan was planning his birthday party again this year. "There will be about 150 invitations going out, a band, and oh yeah, can we use your very expensive sound system and your drum set too?" Their Answer- "Of course. We are honored to do this for Sloan. How else can we help you?" Because of that ever-present spirit of unconditional support, love and friendship they have always given Sloan, Sloan asked his guests, instead of presents for his birthday, to consider a $5 or other small donation to Reality Ministries. Everyone was extremely generous with their donations in Sloan's name. Sloan is very excited, and honored as well, to be able to happily donate $420 to Reality Ministries!! And we found out the day before the party that there is currently a matching challenge given by Doris Buffet. Any donations received by Reality Ministries until the end of January will be doubled! $840!!!! Now that is Rock Star! Thank you all so very much!
It was an incredible party and really wonderful to see everyone together in one place, sharing the experience together, sharing love and friendship with Sloan and with each other; and knowing that everyone there was celebrating Sloan's very amazing life.
See pictures from the evening at the link on the right, and Videos will be coming soon!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas came early for Sloan. The wonderful students at Duke finalized his guitar/piano stand, and to break it in, and to thank them for all their hard work, we had a Christmas Jam to celebrate! We shared a bunch of good food and good music with great friends! It is hard to even know where to start describing to folks who weren't here how amazing the party was for Sloan. There was a major jam session led by Sloan, Christmas carols, sing-alongs, ice cream cake!, and a very special surprise gift of three songs from Chris and Aaron of the Chris Hendricks band. Above is a highlight video of the evening, and here is a link to the many, many photos taken to document the fun. A very special Thanks to everyone who came and shared the evening with us, and a very big thanks to Rachel, Kristine, Brendan and Al from the Duke Biomedical Engineering class who made it possible for Sloan to create his music with everyone. A+ guys!Every friend in attendance came bearing their gifts of love, friendship and music. What better gift than that? We are so thankful for all of you! Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 15, 2010

So It Begins...

TODAY was finally the day Sloan got to try his Guitar Rig and rock out on his own! How many engineers does it take? Four! Many of you have been hearing us talk about Sloan's Guitar Project that the Duke students are working on this semester for a long time now, but after a lot of hard work from the students over this semester, today it was ready for a trial. They even have it set up so Sloan can use the rig for his piano! Al, Brendan, Kristine, and Rachel have been so fun to work with, and have paid attention to every detail and request with great skill and greater thoughtfulness. Watch the video. Sloan's face says it all. Oh! And to prepare, Sloan has been watching his friend Aaron's videos on the website Free and Easy Guitar. (Aaron is the bass player for the Chris Hendricks Band) I better go warn the neighbors...